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Pilates Reformers

Improve holistic health and engage the mind, body and breath.  Facilitate enhanced flexibility and develop core strength using a Pilates Reformer.

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Pilates Equipment

There is a wide variety of Pilates equipment pieces that can be used for general exercise, rehabilitation, through to advanced acrobatics. Depending on your goals, and/or medical requirements, Pilates Health Equipment have various Pilates equipment apparatus to suit.
Pilates Health Equipment - Australia's Leading Supplier of Professional Pilates Equipment and Accessories.

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Pilates Health Equipment | Australia's Leading Supplier of Professional Pilates Equipment and Accessories.

Pilates Health Equipment distributes a range of Pilates equipment; including our ever popular Pilates Reformer range made from beautiful Canadian Maple or Aluminium. Our Pilates Reformers come in the standard configuration, or can come complete with either a half trapeze or full trapeze. At Pilates Health Equipment, we supply a comprehensive range of equipment including, but not limited to, Pilates Cadillac | Pilates Trapeze Tables, Pilates Chairs, Ladder Barrels, Springboards, Spine Correctors and Pilates ARC Barrels. Our broad commercial range of Pilates equipment is perfect for Physiotherapists, Boutique Pilates Studios, Clinical Pilates Studios, and fastidious home users seeking premium quality and performance.

Pilates Health Equipment distributes to customers in Australia. Our Pilates equipment is manufactured from high quality materials, and has been carefully crafted incorporating clever designs to simplify operator use. Standard options of our Pilates machines provide quick adjustments without lengthy operation that would otherwise interrupt session times and one's breathing / concentration during a controlled exercise routine.

Pilates Health Equipment Showroom

We invite you to inspect and test the performance of our Pilates equipment, including our Pilates Reformer range from our showroom located in Keysborough, Victoria.
To arrange your private viewing, please contact us
You will not be disappointed on the quality of build, smoothness of action, and balance / quietness of spring performance.

Pilates Health Equipment will provide you with a commercial range of Pilates equipment and terrific after sales support. When you purchase equipment from Pilates Health Equipment, you will maximise your return on investment and provide your clients/Pilates instructors with equipment they will enjoy.  Take a moment and think of how, instead of spending money on expensive branded equipment which will take years to financially recover, or buying less inferior brands which might save you a little money at first, but in the end, cost you more money for equipment replacement due to your clients'/Pilates instructors' dissatisfaction, when you buy from Pilates Health Equipment, the satisfaction of your clients and Pilates instructors is paramount, and you will be able to allocate future funds towards the expansion of your studio, or perhaps the start-up of another studio.

Please go to our Online Store to see the extensive range of Pilates Reformers, Pilates Equipment, Pilates Machines and Pilates accessories; including our beautiful Signature Series MK II and Performance Series MK II Reformer Range.

We sincerely hope you enjoy visiting our site, and we thank you for your interest in our Pilates Equipment, and look forward to being of assistance to you.


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